Strength. Stability. Reliability. These are essential qualities of any spinal implant
system. And Fortezza delivers.

Fortezza (Italian for “fortitude”) is a top-loading pedicle stabilization system intended to treat
an unparalleled range of pathologies for the thoracic and lumbar spine. Fortezza offers 5.5mm
rods, a full spectrum of cannulated and non-cannulated screws, and custom-designed modular
instruments that contribute to a simple yet effective system for single and multi-level fixations.

Optimal screw angulation

Integrated Self-contained Locking Mechanism

Displacement Thread Design

Integrated self-contained locking mechanism

  • Allows tactile confirmation during rod placement

  • Prevents rod slippage during de-rotation of the spine

  • Stabilizes construct before set screw installation

Optimal screw angulation

Facilitate easy rod placement with minimal contouring and accommodate patient anatomy

Polyaxial friction fit

Maintains tulip head in the desired position

Displacement thread design

  • Compresses maximum bone within each thread to enhance bone purchase

  • Simplifies revision surgeries without compromising bone dissection

Instrumentation for Fortezza.

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